**PNAQ has now amalgamated all regional branches**
**We are now ACORN QLD**
**Australian College of Perioperative Nurses Queensland**
**Over the coming weeks we will have a new website**
**In the interim all aspects of this website will continue**
**Contact us as required via our Contacts page**


Thank you for undertaking our education survey which has now closed
We had a huge response and your feedback will help form the 2018 ACORN QLD education plan


Welcome to the Australian College of Perioperative Nurses Queensland

Our organisation was originally formed 1972 with only a few members, and was formerly known as the Perioperative Nurses Association of Queensland (PNAQ).  In 2015 a decision was made to work towards amalgamation of the various regional branches around the state into one state body.  This vision came to fruition in Oct 2017 when we officially became know as the Australian College of Perioperative Nurses Queensland (ACORN QLD).   We currently have over 1150 members who work in perioperative facilities throughout the state.

Members of ACORN QLD are automatically given membership to our National body ACORN (Australian College of Perioperative Nurses).


Currently the membership subscription is  $110 (inclusive of GST) annualy.  Renewals are due on 1st April every year.


Members enjoy reduced rates at conferences, seminars and educational sessions, and reciprocal membership rates with our other state perioperative associations throughout Australia. 


Members are able to apply for funding to assist with the costs of study and attending educational events (conditions apply).  See our Grants & Scholarships page for details.



ACORN QLD's profile on Facebook is:


Our public group is:

"Members of ACORN QLD Nurses"





ACORN's profile on Facebook is:

Australian College of Perioperative Nurses

The group to join is:

"Members of ACORN"

Save the Date:

2018 ACORN Conference 



Upcoming Events - Check Events Page For More Events

01 Mar, 2018
Nursing & Midwifery Conference
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10 Mar, 2018
ACORN QLD Education Day
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23 May, 2018
ACORN & ASIORNA Conference
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16 Jun, 2018
ACORN QLD Education Day
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18 Aug, 2018
ACORN QLD Education Day
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